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Meet Whitney...your mobile groomer & owner

Hello! I am the proud owner of Grooming By Whitney's Luxury Paw Spa & Mobile Grooming and I operate the Mobile portion of the business.

*Our Mobile Grooming Service is currently booked near capacity. Due to the strict routing requirements needed to maintain my current clientele, I will only accept new clients from the waiting list as openings along my current routes become available in their neighborhood*

I started my career as a bather at Petsmart, attended their Academy and became one of their Certified Pet Stylists, then continued grooming for the corporation for 3 years. Petsmart introduced me to a passion I did not know I had and I will be forever grateful, but I soon outgrew the corporate environment that limited my skills and creativity. I have since groomed in 2 private salons before transitioning to small business ownership.

My focus as a business owner is to provide my employees, clients, and the pets we serve with the highest quality care. It is my goal to make grooming a more pleasant experience for everyone involved by operating as a low volume, low stress, quality-over-quantity environment.

Meet Chelsea...grooming your pets at our Luxury Paw Spa!

Chelsea is back!

I have loved animals my whole life. Ever since I was a little girl I knew I wanted to work with them and I am so happy that this career has fulfilled that dream.
My grooming career started when I was 17, as a bather, and I have since worked my way up to a groomer with 10 years of industry experience. I pour this experience and lifelong love of animals into my work every day.
My favorite part of grooming is making the pets in my care feel beautiful inside and out, and the positive change I am able to provide.
I treat every pet that crosses my path as if they were my very own and am honored to be trusted with with your four-legged family.

Meet Danielle! Ready to pamper your pups at the Paw Spa!

Hello, my name is Danielle Carroll, 

I'm originally from San Francisco Bay Area where I began my journey with pets. I started in the veterinary field, but came to realize that the daily heartache was too much.

I've been working with animals for almost 20 years now. Becoming a groomer was exactly where I found my passion, I absolutely love what I do. If you don't love what you do, find what you love and go with it, it  makes such a difference when you love your job!

When I am not grooming I'm tending to my twin teenage girls and a kindergartener. 

Meet Hannah! 

Hello, my name is Hannah! My best friend in the whole world is my dog, Stitch. I am an animal lover and activist. From rescuing them to grooming them, my everyday life revolves around animals. I love my job and I can't wait to share my passion with you and your pets.

Meet Chris! He's our lifting power for the big dogs. Making our Paw Spa pups sparkling clean & supporting our mobile staff!

Hello everybody! I am Chris Hyden, partner in love and in business to the Grooming Ace herself, Whitney Burnett. I've always had an affinity for animals, but this love wasn't fully realized until I met her. Although I wouldn't have taken to this profession of my own accord, through the masterful guidance of this wonderful woman, I too will make your pet look its best.

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