Grooming By Whitney's Mobile Paw Spa

Individual attention 
that every pet deserves 


Meet Whitney...your mobile groomer & owner

Hello! I am the proud owner/operator of Grooming By Whitney's Mobile Paw Spa Service.

I started my career as a bather at Petsmart, attended their Academy and became one of their Certified Pet Stylists, then continued grooming for the corporation for 3 years. Petsmart introduced me to a passion I did not know I had and I will be forever grateful, but I soon outgrew the corporate environment that limited my skills and creativity. I have since groomed in 2 private salons before transitioning to small business ownership.

My focus as a business owner is to provide my employees, clients, and the pets we serve with the highest quality care. It is my goal to make grooming a more pleasant experience for everyone involved by operating as a low volume, low stress, quality-over-quantity environment.

Meet Chris!  He is the lifting power for the big dogs and will get your pups sparkling clean!

Hello everybody! I am Chris, partner in love and in business to the grooming ace herself, Whitney. I've always had an affinity for animals, but this love wasn't fully realized until I met her. Although I wouldn't have taken to this profession without her influence, through the masterful guidance of this wonderful woman, it has become a great skill I posses. Now, I too will make your pet look its best.

the grooming van