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*Online booking is NOT available for mobile service at this time*

All services are offered by appointment only. Cancellation or No-Show fees between 50-100% of the scheduled service will apply to appointments missed or cancelled with less than 24 hours notice. Emergencies will be observed.

Current Rabies Vaccination required: Current Rabies vaccination is required before service can be rendered by California Law. Acceptable forms of proof are either verbal confirmation from your veterinarian's office or the receipt/invoice from their vaccination appointment with your pet's name and the expiration date of the vaccination listed on the form.

Prices listed for services are estimates. Pets vary in size, type, condition and temperament, their service price will reflect them personally. Exact prices or quotes will not be given before a hands on assessment of your pet can be performed at the time of the appointment.

*Whitney has a 30lb Weight Limit*

Due her current physical health she is not able to lift larger dogs.


Service Descriptions


Cat Services

The cat Bath and Haircut Services include a shampoo wash and conditioning rinse(Lotion for naked breeds) best suited for your kitty's skin and hair type. The head is washed with a diluted tearless facial shampoo on a washcloth and the eyes are flushed with a saline solution to remove any debris. Ears are swabbed with a mild ear cleaner. All products used are cat safe. Then the pet will be towel dried, blow-dried(if they are tolerant and accepting of the dryer) and brushed. Toenails are clipped before the bath to prevent injury to your groomer. For Haircut Services we offer full shave-downs, lion clips, sanitary shaves, and paw trimming. Haircuts are usually performed before the bath to reduce drying time and stress.

Bath Service & De Shedding Service

The Bath Service includes a shampoo wash and conditioning rinse best suited for your pet's skin and hair type. The head is washed with a tearless facial and the eyes are flushed with a saline solution to remove any debris. The ears are flushed with a mild ear cleaner. Then the pet will be blow-dried and brushed, finishing with a Toenail Trim and Grinding.

Shed-Less Treatment is included in the bath price of double coated breeds. The treatment includes everything the Bath Service does with the addition of a specialized shampoo and conditioning treatment to help release stubborn undercoat, and extra brushing with a shedding tool specific to your pets coat type and length.

Trim Service 

The Trim Service includes everything the Bath Service offers with the addition of minor trimming around the face, underline, and feet. Shaving of the sanitary areas, and shaving of the paw pads.
Full Service Haircut

The Full Service Haircut includes everything the Bath & Trim Packages offer with the addition of clipping or scissoring the hair on the whole body of the pet. Custom and Breed specific haircut available.

*Prices for Standard, Miniature and Toy Poodles may vary greatly from the listed estimates due to the detailed shaving required of their Breed Standard.

Toenail Trim & Grinding

The Toenail Trim is the simple clipping of the tips of the pets toenails just beyond the point of the Quick*. This leaves a sharp edge to the freshly clipped nails that usually goes away after a few days of your pet's normal activity wearing down the edges. It is included with all services or offered as a stand-alone service.

Nail Grinding takes clipping just a little further by filing the sharp edges left by clipping the nails, leaving a more round/soft edge. Usually allows the groomer to shorten the toenail closer to the Quick. It is included with all services or as a stand-alone service

*Nail trimming and grinding are included in all packages, but will only be performed if the pet tolerates it without excessive stress. No discounts apply if a nail trim or grinding can not be performed with the exception of a Nail Service only appointment.

*Thin bundle of blood vessels and nerves in the toenail